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On April 22nd, 2015, the Lucas Estate team stepped up help a young veteran jump-start her way back a restored household after being faced with hard times. Kyla Sampsel lost her job when she was deployed to serve our country and her full time job was not available when she returned. Last Thursday, Kyla thought she was coming home from work to her new apartment, and unlike any regular day, she was greeted from members of her community that furnished her home, presented checks for her utilities and provided a spread of home cooked food to greet her and her family.


Anne Marie Tiernon (13 WTHR Indianapolis) – HAMILTON COUNTY - Most travelers will tell you that there is no place like home, and there may be no place in central Indiana like the Lucas family estate in Hamilton County.

The Lucases have spent months re-making the former Hilbert Mansion to fit their own taste and style. Forrest and Charlotte Lucas revealed to Eyewitness News what they've done with the place. They are ready to host.

The estate cost $35 million to build in the 1990s. It sat on the market for five years, until Forrest and Charlotte Lucas bought it last year at auction for just $3 million.


Forrest & Charlotte Lucas 9.9.2011

Charlotte and Forrest Lucas hosted former President Bush at the Lucas Oil Estate in Carmel. (Photo by Rob Banayote)

stephaniecurtis (atCarmel.com) – Scrubbed, polished and stylishly decorated, the newly refurbished Lucas Oil Estate in Carmel welcomed its first guests in September, including the 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush. The engagement, which was organized by the Young President’s Organization, drew 350 community and corporate leaders, as well as Mayor Greg Ballard, Mayor Jim Brainard and Governor Mitch Daniels.

“It was a historic event for our organization,” said Brian King, YPO education chair. “We were very honored to have the President and to see him as a candid man instead of a politician.”

Hosts Forrest and Charlotte Lucas generously opened their home and allowed attendees to tour the grounds. According to Lucas, they do not plan to live in the home, but are focused on entertaining, business event and philanthropic causes as well as providing a home away from home for special guests.


T.J. Banes (Indystar.com) – With the big game set for Lucas Oil Stadium, Forrest and Charlotte Lucas prepare for a big bash at their other Hoosier home

Forrest and Charlotte Lucas show off the mechanical rooms of their 25,000-square-foot home as enthusiastically as their collection of Dmitri Vail celebrity portraits.

The couple, whose company's name is on the home of Super Bowl XLVI, will host more than 1,000 guests at their Hamilton County estate Wednesday.